Maarten Swaan is an actor, musician and writer who was born May 9th, 1980 in Middelburg, The Netherlands. He graduateted his physical therapist studies in 2004. One year later he went for an adventure to Guatemala where he roled into the local music scene what would be the start of his artistic career as a musician. For the next 5 years he would be touring with his band Melou, that he co-founded.

In 2010 he moved to Barcelona, where next to his musical career, got into modeling, which would support his life as a musician. From there he landed in the world of commercials, and then it was just a small bridge to fiction. In 2013 he got his first little roles in the short movie “Poeple like us” by Ramon Ayala and later that year in the feature film “Day Release” by Geoffrey Cowperl. The interest for acting became bigger and bigger and he attended the first interpretation courses with casting director Luci Lenox and actor coach Mel Churcher, which got him a big step up. Next he knew he was staring in Mateo Gil’s newest movie “Realive” (Project Lazarus) in which he plays Alex, the main characters’ physical therapist.

To keep improving his acting skills he signed up for the “Meisner Technic Program”  teached by Javier Galitó-Cava and shortly after joined the intensive course “Scene combat” teached by Valentina Calandriello and masterclass in Meisner by Rachael Adler.

In August 2015 he shot the series “This new world” by director Marco Bazzi (IT), in which he crawled into the skin of the main character “Dave”,  which  was released in February 2016 and has been selected for several festivals of which one of them is the “Film By The Sea” festivals in September 2016. 

In the  April he shot the short western movie “Never far from Dixie” by young and upcoming director Valentin Moulias, where he played the US Marshall “Edward Dillinger”.



  • This new world (web series by Marco Bazzi, 2016)
  • Project Lazarus (feature by Mateo Gil 2016)
  • Tercer Grado (feature by Geoffrey Cowperl 2015)
  • People like us (short by Ramon Ayala 2013)


  • Just not my day (2014) Main Caracter, by Oriol Colomar
  • Voices (2014) Main Caracter, by Xavi Coll
  • Pismanim (Funda Arar, 2012) Boyfriend, by Nihat Odabasi
  • Like the leaves in Autumn time (2011) Myself, by Daltonica



  • “Programa de Técnica Meisner de Javier Galitó-Cava”. Teachers: Javier Galitó-Cava, Nicolás Rivero, Anna Sabaté. Movement and voice: Neus Suñé and Isabelle Bres
  • “Combate Escénico” by Valentina Calandriello
  • Acting in English. Teacher: Luci Lenox
  • Keep it alive and real on screen. Teacher: Mel Churcher
  • The actors workshop. Teacher: Frank Feys


: Dutch (Native), English (advanced USA), Spanish (High)

Special skills

singing, guitar, piano, soccer, (field)hockey, biking, swimming, frisbee, mountain climbing, sailing, freestyle/ club dancing.


HVU (Physical Therapy), Bachalor, Utrecht, 2004


Available upon request, Maarten Swaan